We present to you the most unstable and fun vehicle: our Chariot in Roses. Get on board and have a great time!

Our Chariot is quite different from the concept of a classic carriage. Neither is it stable, nor serious. It is a sled or water trailer where the goal is exactly the opposite: falling off and have fun! But always with a maximum of safety for those who get on it. Here we give you more details about this activity that you can book with only one click without leaving the house, or from your mobile phone.

What is the Aventura Náutica Chariot?

It’s a trailer hooked to a pulling vehicle, provided with seats with back rests, some looking in driving direction and some in the opposite direction, with enough space to stretch your legs. Up to this point, the description could make reference to a classic carriage, comfortable and quiet.

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But it’s just the opposite: our Chariot in Roses is a big water float, without wheels and hooked to one of our powerful motor boats, with seats where there are handles to hold on, but no safety belts, which puts the passenger at risk to fall over board. Interestingly, this is the fun of the activity: resisting all you can take a dip, even though if it happens, you will welcome it a lot! In fact, many of the passengers take the trip standing, kneeling or laying down, in order to raise the bet and add some more excitement. 

The passengers of this crazy chariot wear life vests in order to always float on the water after a fall. Our monitor in charge of the pulling motor boat will pick up those passengers who took the dip.

To take into consideration 

Activity subject to weather conditions. In each trip there is a maximum of 6 people allowed. Recommended minimum height is 1,20 meters. On the day of the activity, please remember to show your booking confirmation, on your mobile phone or printed, at our ticket booth.

The standard duration of the trip is 15 minutes, which is more than enough time to have a great time, and it is one of the most affordable water activities, within the reach of all budgets.

The Santa Margarita dock, in the south of the Roses seafront promenade, is the departure point of our Chariot. The activity takes place just off the coast. Book your experience now and spice up your holidays!

Price table

Duration Price
15 minutes 25,00€
From 25€