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A unique experience with the Happy Pack

Are you in love with adrenaline, excitement and adventure, but all this is not enough for you? Do you also want a unique experience in the middle of the Bay of Roses? In this case, the Happy Pack, with Banana Bus and Jet Ski, is your best option.

Banana Bus in Roses

15 minutes at high speed, with turns, changes of direction and jumps to the water. Sounds good? With the 15-minute ride on the Banana or Banana Bus, you will test your balance and that of your companions, if you dare.
Come and try it and challenge your friends to live a unique experience!

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Jet Ski on the Costa Brava

If you survive 15 minutes on the Banana Bus, we have another experience for you. With the Jet Ski, you will be the pilot, and you will have 30 minutes to enjoy the magnificent views of Roses and its surroundings with a jet ski.

With the jet ski excursion you will get to Punta Falconera, and the activity will be supervised by a monitor, as well as the Banana Bus.

Only or accompanied

You can enjoy the Happy Pack either alone or accompanied. On the one hand, you can choose the individual option, with a seat in the magnificent Banana and a jet ski for you and a companion, or the double, with two seats in the Banana and a jet ski for each.

Conditions for the unique experience

The activity of the Banana Bus is subject to weather conditions, and a maximum of 10 people exceeding 140 centimeters may participate in the trip. Unlike the first activity, for the Jet Ski you must provide a deposit of 200€, which will be returned at the end of the activity.
Future pilots will not have to pay for the fuel, which is already included, and they must be over 16 years of age and provide written consent by their parents or guardians.

Price table


Type Price (1 pers) Price (from 2 people)
Happy Pack 1 pers 89,00€ / per person 89,00€ / per person
Happy Pack 2 pers ( 1 jet ski) 105,00€ / per person 105,00€ / per person
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Happy Pack.jpg
Happy Pack.jpg
From 53€