It is not magic, it’s the technology of Aventura Náutica: with our Hoverboard, you will fly over the waters of Roses!

Sail the water of the Costa Brava at full speed, fly 5 meters up in the sky, dive and do amazing pirouettes on a board; all this is not exclusive to the best surfers of the world anymore! And you don’t even need waves! Book your place with Aventura Náutica for this activity that is causing so much furore along the Costa Brava!

Hoverboard in Roses, the icing on your holidays

Do you want to do a water activity on the Costa Brava that puts the icing on your cake? Well, one you will never forget is the Hoverboard. This experience is very similar to the Flyboard, although with a propelling platform that resembles more a surfboard or snowboard. A singularity you will get hooked to!

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Unlike Flyboard, it has no fixed boots but some adjustable tapes where your feet go. Changes of directions, pirouettes, zigzags or wide jumps are some of the classic movements of this activity. Will you be able to manage them?

What you need to know about this adventure activity in Roses

This Hoverboard activity in Roses is open to everyone, no matter their surf experience. Our monitors will explain the handling of the board to you before you get on it and also some safety advice, even though Aventura Náutica takes great care of all these measures. The participant wears a life vest, which results in even more peace of mind.

The activity is subject to weather conditions. It can be realized by underage persons over 16 years with the written consent from their tutors. Remember to show your booking confirmation at our ticket booth, on the day of the activity, either on your mobile phone or printed.

An interesting extra, and very much recommended, is our video and photo service: we will grab and photograph you while you surf the water on your Hoverboard in Roses! Perfect as a great souvenir and for giving your friend in the social networks a little envy!

The activity starts from the Port of Santa Margarita in Roses - Gerone. Don’t let the opportunity slip and enjoy an adventure similar to a movie, but completely real!

Price table

Duration Price
20 minutes - (1 persona) 95,00€
40 minutes - (1 o 2 personas) 180,00€
60 minutes - (De 1 a 3 personas) 255,00€
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From 95€