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Maximum adrenaline and speed with the Monster Pack

Are you passionate about the engine and speed? You do not have to say anything else. Just hold on tight and get ready to enjoy the Monster Pack, either alone or in the company of your choice.
You will live extreme emotions on a jet ski and our wildest jet boat!

Enjoy the Costa Brava on a jet ski

This is your moment, now you will become the pilot, 
and you will have 30 minutes to enjoy a fun excursion in Roses, ​​riding a jet ski at maximum speed.

Whether alone or accompanied, with this excursion to Punta Falconera you will put your skills to the test.

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Monsters do exist!

Do you know the Monster, our jet boat? With a beast of more than 450 HP you will elevate your adrenaline to never-known limits, in a 20-minute journey.

Maximum speed, turns of 90º, 180º and 360º and skids will give you a sensation of maximum speed that you cannot miss. Do you think you've seen everything in this life? Maybe you just need to live this experience.

The experiences with jet skis and Monster are extreme; therefore, security measures will be too. Both activities will be developed with a team of professional monitors, and all participants will wear life jackets.

What are the conditions to try the Monster Pack?

To get on our jets you must prove that you are 16 years old and present the permission of your tutor. You must provide a deposit of 200€ which will be returned at the end of the activity, but you will not have to pay any extra fuel in any of the two activities.

If you want to ride on the Monster, you must overcome the 1.40 meters high and we do not recommend it if you suffer back problems. What we do advise is to hire our extra service of high quality photos and videos, to immortalize your reactions on board.

Remember to submit your reservation 
confirmation from your mobile or in print, at our ticket office on the day of the activity.

Price table


Type Price (1 pers) Price (from 2 people)
Monster Pack 1 pers 99,00€ / per person 99,00€ / per person


Type Price (1 pers) Price (from 2 people)
Monster Pack 2 pers ( 1 jet ski) 125,00€ / per person 125,00€ / per person
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Monster Pack.jpg
From 63€