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Rental of watercraft without nautical certification

This contract is subject to the following clauses:

1. The tenant under his responsibility:

a) You are at least 16 years old.

b) That it is considered in good physical and mental conditions for the rental of the rented watercraft, and that it has been delivered in the proper conditions of use.

2. The lessee declares and accepts:

a) Have received adequate instructions for the operation of the jet ski, and have also received the life vests for safety; Knowing that its use is mandatory.

b) Have examined the watercraft, finding it in perfect conditions of use, equipped and without any deterioration.

c) The Watercraft must be returned in the same place it was delivered and exactly at the end of the duration of the contract and in the same conditions that it was delivered. In case of deterioration or breakdown due to recklessness, not obeying the instructions of the monitor or making a misuse of the motorcycle, the lessee will be responsible for the payment of the repair of the damage caused to the vehicle.

d) The renter is the only person authorized to drive the Jet Ski and under no circumstances will he let any other person drive it.

3. The lessee may not claim, under any circumstance, from the leasing company, its employees or executives, or the insurance company of the lessee or of them, the damages and / or personal suffered due to the use or tendency of the leased vehicle. .

4. The lessee undertakes to comply with the following security regulations:

a) In the channels: when leaving and entering circular to less than 3 knots.

b) You can not navigate in the area parallel to the coast less than 200 meters away.

c) The distance between each watercraft is 100 meters minimum.

d) It is forbidden to navigate one after the other, if the distance is less than 100 meters.

e) Changes of direction will be made with a minimum distance of 200 meters between any obstacle or floating vehicle, always respecting the regulations to prevent collisions at sea in their amended form. COLREG-72

f) Check the position of the other vehicles by navigating before making changes of direction.

g) The angle of rotation must always be related to the speed of the motorcycle, the state of the sea or the experience of the driver. At high speed you should not turn sharply.

h) It can not be accelerated, or rotated through channels.

i) The absence of brakes on jet skis and the small surface area in contact with water must be taken into account, which entails maintaining a long stopping distance.

j) These rules must be followed: - Reduce the speed in case a vehicle is found in a minimum radius of 100 meters. - Reduce the speed completely when you are 200 meters from any point on the coast, be it port, beach, breakwater, rock, etc. - In case of overturning, the watercraft must be put back in its initial position, as quickly as possible and following the rules written on the stern of the jet ski.

5. Listen and obey the instructions of the monitor, otherwise the deposit will not be returned.

6. Failure to comply with the written rules will lead to the immediate withdrawal of the watercraft and the loss of the deposit. Both parties draw up this contract, affirming and ratifying in its full content, signing it in the place and date to the heading expressed.

7.1 The amounts of the reservations canceled before 7 days before the rental date are not refundable. Date changes will be accepted at least 96 hours in advance.

7.2 The tenant must appear at our facilities 15 minutes before the time at which he has booked the activity- It is mandatory to present the reservation ticket. The reservation time is approximate and may vary due to technical reasons or due to bad weather conditions.

7.3 In case the lessee decides to return before the estimated time of the end of the rental, no payment will be made.

7.4 The non-presentation of the tenant at the scheduled time (15 minutes before the reservation time) will result in the loss of the rental of the motorcycle and no payment will be made.

"In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), we inform you that the information provided will be incorporated into a file owned by ROSES STYX SL with the purpose of performing administrative, accounting and fiscal management as well as sending commercial communications about our products and services. Likewise, I declare to have been informed of the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of my data in the tax domicile of ROSES STYX S.L. located in AVENIDA NORD 53 - 17480 ROSES - GIRONA "

Rental of boats and jet skis with nautical certification


1/2 day (4 h): 9 h - 13 h or bé 10 h - 14 h // 14:30 h - 18:30 h or bé 15 h - 19 h

1 day (9h): 9 h - 18 h or bé 10 h - 19 h

In case of not showing up at our facilities with a delay of more than 1 hour and 30 minutes from the scheduled rental time without prior notice, you will be entitled to Roses Styx SL to consider your reservation as canceled.

Roses Styx SL (hereinafter referred to as the lessor) rents to the person identified as the owner of this contract (hereinafter referred to as the tenant) the vessel referred to in the contract (hereinafter referred to as the vessel) in accordance with the clauses and conditions contained in this document, in the annexes to it (if any) and at the rate agreed in the rental agreement.


1.1 The hirer agrees to use and govern the boat as if it were his property, according to the rules of the good navigator and with respect to the regulations of the Merchant Navy.

1.2 Only the vessel identified as the holder of the rental contract is authorized to govern and the vessel must return the vessel in the place and date established by the lessor.

1.3 It is expressly forbidden:

a) Towing any boat or any object.

b) Participate in regattas, sports competitions and other events.

c) To govern the vessel under the effects of alcohol, narcotics or any other type of narcotic substances or that diminish or alter the capacity of the individual.

d) The transport of goods that violate the law or the legal provisions in force in the Spanish state, or for illicit purposes.

e) Transport passengers in a number higher than that authorized and indicated in the rental contract.

f) Navigate outside the authorized area, according to the classification of the vessel.

g) Tie the boat in a buoy that is not for public use.

h) Leave the boat moored or anchored without any person on board in roadstead, or unprotected waters.

1.4 It is the obligation of the lessee to stop and insure the boat as soon as possible when any of the warning lights that detect an anomaly in the operation is illuminated in the instrument panel, or when it perceives external signs that indicate breakdown or malfunction of the boat. . In this case, the tenant should contact the landlord and follow his instructions.

1.5 Losses of any kind that the landlord may suffer for non-compliance with the conditions set forth in this article and / or for use other than the agreed upon authorize the lessor to remove the boat from the tenant and bill and collect the amounts from the lessor duly justified corresponding to the repair of said damages.

1.6 The lessor may terminate the rental contract unilaterally and withdraw the boat from the tenant when he / she observes that the latter violates this article.


2.1 The tenant agrees to pay the landlord:

a) The amount of the transfer and / or repair of the damages of the boat motivated by the use of inadequate fuel.

b) The amount of the damage and / or theft suffered totally or partially in the vessel, as well as the expenses of transfer and compensation for immobilization of the vessel, estimated according to the number of days necessary for its repair and function of the corresponding invoice and calculating one day for every eight hours of work.

c) The amount requested by a third party as a ransom, regardless of the causes that have produced the need for such rescue.

d) The amount corresponding to the fines or sanctions for any violation of current and applicable legislation in which the lessee may incur in the use of the vessel subject to the rental agreement, as well as the corresponding surcharges for the delay in the payment by the tenant and the judicial or extrajudicial expenses that may be caused.

2.2 The lessor may withdraw the deposit established when renting the boat to cover the expenses derived from the breach of the rules of this contract. This bond will be returned at the time of payment of expenses if they were lower than this. In the event that they were higher, it will be understood as a payment on account of the pending invoice.


The lessor delivers the boat in good apparent condition of operation and in good internal condition and cleanliness. It shall be the obligation of the lessee to keep the leased vessel in good condition of use, as well as all the installations in it existing.

It is the obligation of the lessee to check the status of the leased vessel and its complements and verify the status with the lessor.

The lessee is responsible for any damage or damage that occurs in the leased boat and the loss of any of its elements, as well as the delays caused by it in the delivery of the boat.

The boat will be returned with the complete safety equipment (vests, oars, fire extinguishers, etc.) that must have been checked by the tenant.

All accessories rented to the tenant will be returned in perfect condition. Otherwise, the lessor may use the lessee's deposit to cover the cost of repair or replacement of these.


4.1 Rental rates include compulsory third-party liability insurance, plus insurance for injury or death of the occupants.

4.2 These coverages are guaranteed and are assumed by the insurer with which the lessor has agreed the corresponding insurance policy, and are subject to the agreement in the general or particular condition of the same, and as regulated by current legislation .

4.3 By signing the rental agreement, the tenant adheres as insured to the aforementioned policy, of which there is a copy that can be consulted.

4.4 This policy does not cover damages, losses, or any other damage suffered in the personal belongings or objects transported on board the vessel, nor the damages suffered in said vessel due to theft, vandalism and / or accident whatever the nature of it.

4.5 The lessee, in the event that any member of his crew or himself suffered an accident inside the boat, must communicate to the lessor, through the formulation of an accident report in writing, the causes, circumstances and consequences of what happened, as well as, if known, name, surnames and address of the person responsible for the act and the witnesses and also the names and addresses of the injured parties, if any. Accident shall be understood, for the purposes of this contract, any act of fortuity, spontaneous, external, violent or independent of the will of the person who suffers it and that occurs in any of the occupants of the vessel.


5.1 In the event that the leased boat suffered a damage once the boat was delivered, the lessee reserves the right to withhold the deposit within 48 hours to establish the reason for the breakdown by a technician.

5.2 Once the reason for the breakdown has been detected, two cases are distinguished:

a) When the breakdown occurs due to mechanical wear or for reasons not attributable to the tenant, the rental contract will be rescinded and the lessor will return the rental amount corresponding to the period of time that the tenant has not been able to enjoy the boat. because of the fault. The fuel used during the period in which the vessel has operated correctly will be borne by the lessee.

b) When the breakdown occurs for reasons attributable to the lessee, the contract will be terminated and the lessee will have to pay for the repair costs.

and the fuel consumed. In no case will the rental amount be refunded.

5.3 If the same day of the rental, the leased boat suffered an unexpected breakdown before departure or an error was made in our reservation system, the landlord will return to the tenant the amount of the rent paid by the tenant. The landlord can not claim compensation for this reason.

5.4 In the event that the boat has to be rescued due to an error, negligence or negligence of the lessee and not because of a failure of the vessel, the lessee must take charge of the offered service (displacement for the relief of the vessel ) worth € 150.


6.1 The fuel consumed by the vessel during the rental period is paid by the lessee. Except for boats whose lease price includes fuel.

6.2 The lessee must refuel the boat with the right type of fuel. Otherwise, the lessee will be responsible for the expenses caused by the transfer and repair of the damages that could have occurred in the boat due to the use of inadequate fuel.

6.3 The lessee undertakes to return the boat with the same level of fuel that was delivered to it. Otherwise, you will be billed for the missing fuel plus an additional charge for the refueling service. The tenant has the obligation to check that the deposit is full before his departure.


7.1 The amounts of the reservations canceled before 7 days before the departure date of the rental are not refundable. Changes of date will be accepted with a minimum of 96 hours notice.

7.2 The cancellation of the reservation due to weather causes will be the responsibility of the lessor and will always be for safety reasons at sea. In this case, the landlord will return the entire reservation to the tenant.

7.3 In case the owner returns the boat before the scheduled delivery time, no payment will be made.

7.4 In case the lessee returns the vehicle with a delay of more than 14 min to rent up to 3 hours; and a higher delay of 29 minutes to rent from 4 to 8 hours, you will be charged an additional amount equivalent to the rate established in the contract.


8.1 This contract shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country in which it was signed.

8.2 Issues arising from this contract between the lessor and the lessee are the responsibility of the Spanish courts and tribunals, to which both parties submit.

8.3 For the solution of any litigious issue derived from this contract, the parties submit to the institutional arbitration of the Arbitration Tribunal of Girona of the "Associació de les Comarques Gironines per a l'Arbitratge", to which the designation is entrusted of the arbitration and the administration of the arbitration being forced from now on to the fulfillment of the arbitral decision.


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Nautical activities

The user must appear at our facilities 15 minutes before the time at which the activity has been booked- It is mandatory to present the booking ticket.

Any reservation that is canceled more than 7 days in advance will mean that the amount paid will be deposited so that it can carry out its activity on another date or for a change of activity. This option is valid for 12 months from the date of the activity initially chosen.

A cancellation requested less than 96 hours in advance or no-show at the time of the activity will result in the loss of the same and the amount paid.

Nàutica Adventure reserves the right to cancel or delay the time of the activity either for technical, meteorological or logistical reasons.

The deposit is ONLY refundable: